Become the go to woman in your field.

If your business or career goals include becoming a leader in your field, then developing your reputation to a higher level is the vehicle to take you there.

Becoming a thought leader – someone who applies their knowledge and expertise to motivate or inspire people through transformation – can be done in any field.

Whether your desire to change the world revolves around facilitating change in corporate boardrooms or in family loungerooms,  targeted messaging and communication is critical.

You’ll see media advisors beside political leaders, passing material or speaking quietly. They navigate the pros and cons of public messaging, develop strategies, give advice on how to approach topics, where to appear and for what purpose.

This kind of advice is invaluable when it comes to building, maintaining and protecting your reputation. 

It helps you expand your audience, elevate your profile and have a bigger impact. 

“I’ve heard of her!”

When someone hears your name, this is what you want them to think and say.

The who, what, & how


You’ll receive:

  • Advice on commentary, articles and ideas for you to share on your social media channels;
  • Research into your industry for you to share, use or commentate on;
  • A reputation and content strategy to guide you on what to say and share with your audience;
  • Content & messaging revision and development.



It works like this:

  •  We’ll connect twice a month for consultations to discuss what’s happening in your business/work and with your clients/customers;
  • I’ll send you regular emails with alerts, research or ideas for you to use in your messaging and content;
  • You can email me any time on content & messaging.


This is right for you if:

You have your own business and want to rise to the top of your industry.

You are a corporate career woman, holding a senior position and you want to raise your profile in your industry.

You sit on a board as a director and want to improve your communication skills and become a thought leader.


Written Content

Blog posts or social media posts that showcase your expertise.

Podcasts & Speeches

Support and advice for key messaging when you speak.

Communication Skills

Be a practiced communicator in meetings and presentations.

Appearances & Quotes

Be able to provide newsworthy commentary or stories.

Advice and support to build your reputation  

Communicate your value and ability professionally and strategically.

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