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There’s a shift happening where space is opening up for women to stand equally in business, at work and in life.

A visible woman steps into that space and uses it to influence others for a greater, positive impact.

Visible Women Media provides coaching and training to women to help them raise their profile, build a reputation and rise as a leader in their profession or field.


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Whether you’re a professional woman wanting to make your mark as a corporate leader, or you own a small or solo business, you can achieve more when you’re more visible.


Your message will go further and be clearer.


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Your ideas will resonate with others and they’ll see you as a leader.


With a bigger reputation, you can change people’s lives or your community for the better. 

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Your opening line: three ways to better hooks and angles

Your opening line: three ways to better hooks and angles

A guy walks into a bar ... and invariably opens with a one liner. Does he get the girl (or guy)? Depends on the line - if it's a good one, there'll be more conversation. If it's dodgy, sleazy or boring, it's time to move along buddy. And so it is for you and your...

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Visible Women: Elly Both of Bright Green

Visible Women: Elly Both of Bright Green

Elly Both describes herself as a green geek. Starting a green committee at work sparked her desire to do more in the field of sustainability, so she quit her project management career to launch her own business, where she's encouraging people to live a bright green...

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Journalist & VWM founder Rachael Jansen

Being a Visible Woman

There’s been no better time for women to take a lead role – in business, in their industry, in the boardroom, or just in their own life.

Women’s voices offer a new perspective, a different approach for leadership.

One that is more inclusive, and less divisive.

One that is more collaborative and less competitive.

One the world is ready and waiting for.

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