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If you’re not a natural born writer – and that’s OK as most people aren’t – then publishing content to your website or social channels can feel difficult and innefectual. What should you say that people will connect with?

Just like a tutor helps a student more deeply understand knowledge and how to implement what they’re learning, this is what happens with a writing tutor.

In this six week term, you’ll be prompted and guided to write better content for your platforms and deliver a more powerful message to your audience.

You’ll receive specific cues and ideas to develop, and then have help on how to develop it.

Here’s what you get & how it works

An initial Zoom meeting to discuss your business, audience & messaging;

A weekly writing prompt or task specific to your business and researched by Rachael;

Guidance on how to complete the piece and what to include;

Feedback and review of the finished assignment including details on how to improve it.

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