Let’s have a chat about the difference between self-promotion and leadership, because I see an awful lot of women minimise themselves because they confuse the two.

It’s understandable, because we’re not taught how to be leaders, or that it’s OK to promote yourself and your substance.

In the past, I’ve had a client who hesitated to put her thoughts in a newsletter because she felt it was self-promotion, even though she was the boss – the actual leader.

Another one always felt uncomfortable posting her panel or speaking appearances online because she didn’t want people to think she was self-promoting.

And another was unsure about posting her thoughts on topical issues where she could actually help and make a difference, again in case people saw her offers of help or advice as self-promoting.

Seriously, if you too hesitate or hide in this way, stop it!


The difference between self-promotion and leadership

Stop holding back in this way because sharing your thoughts or ideas or guidance is not self-promotion, it’s leadership!

It’s helping people. It’s sharing the expertise and experience that yo have that helps people. It’s allowing those people – potential clients or customers or collaborators – to understand how you can help them.

That’s the ultimate difference between self-promotion and leadership – when the content helps people it’s leadership. 

Self-promotion is self-centred.

But even then, self-promotion isn’t all bad.

Because even if what you post is self-promotion – so what?

Why not promote yourself? That’s the name of the marketing game, and sharing your thoughts and ideas, your knowledge, IS your marketing.

So lead, promote, market.

Take up SPACE.