Kim Sullivan is the founder of The Leap Crew, where she takes the latest findings from behavioural science and distils them into practical and proven tools and techniques for her clients.

How did your business come about?

Like so many women, owning my own business has always been the dream – but in the last few years especially, it seemed everyone was talking about having a ‘side hustle’. This really normalised for me the option of running a business on the side of a full time gig. A business startup course run by Mia Freedman really put the rocket under me at the start of the year!


What is your why?

What I have always loved about my corporate role is being able to develop early career researchers:  they come in fresh-faced and shiny from university and can absolutely blossom into high calibre professionals. I’d previously developed a graduate recruitment program for a consulting firm, really formalising the development process. That was the seed that started The Leap Crew.


What is your motivation?

Helping women succeed. That’s it. We are all so different, and we all have our own challenges and strengths and interests. But we all want to be seen, be heard and have a purpose in our day to day. If through The Leap Crew I can make even a small difference to someone – whether that’s helping them with their resume, linking them with a mentor, or giving them some tools and confidence to plan their career, I’m living that ‘why’.


Tell us your background story …

I’m a social researcher by day, and have been working in the industry for over 16 years after graduating Arts/Law and then completing a Masters in Social Science. Along with my full time job and starting The Leap Crew earlier this year, I juggle motherhood (three boys – including 10 yr old twins), a partner who works full time, Pilates, baking, and two cats. My house is noisy, messy and full of love, good food and books. I’m very fortunate.


What challenges have you overcome to reach this point in your life and biz?

The Leap Crew is barely three months old, and starting a business has been an immense learning curve. I do everything myself, and I’m constantly learning and testing and refining. It’s incredible amounts of fun, I must say. Personally, I’ve dealt with infertility, moving cities with young children, family illness and more: not an uncommon story by any stretch, but it all shapes us.


What does being a Visible Woman mean to you?

Lifting other women up.

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