Become a visible woman

Support, training and mentorship to help you raise your profile and become a woman with a (fabulous) reputation.

Support for greater impact & influence

Become (not quite) famous

Reach more of the right people and build your audience.


No need to go it alone. Connect with other Visible Women.


Get some advice

Access online coaching specific to you and your business.

women’s vision & women’s voices

Become a Visible Woman and join a movement of women rising.


Monthly training calls


QandA calls


Resources and lectures


Regular challenges and prompts

We all know how hard it can be as a woman who has something to say.

Let’s be honest ladies – we all feel imposter syndrome sometimes, or fear that stops you from publishing content that might make a big difference to the people who see it.

We worry about being judged, getting it wrong, being criticised Рor worse Рbeing ignored, and so we keep quiet or play it safe. 

But if you’d prefer to make a difference and be a little braver, a little bolder and shine a whole lot brighter, then the Visible Women membership will help you.

Visible Women membership is for you if:


You want a support network

You want to reach more people

You want to have a greater impact

You want to produce more powerful content

You're a woman in business

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an established business?

No, not at all. You can be starting out, or not even in business. If you’re a corporate climber, you can use the membership to boost your reputation via LinkedIn or other such avenues.

Do I need a website? Is this all about blogging?

No, and no. You don’t need a website, and no it’s not all about blogging. It’s about building your reputation, so includes messaging tips that can be applied to social media, LinkedIn, speaking, pitching – anything actually.

Is this time consuming?

You can put in as much or as little time as you like. It’s not a course, but about support.

Does the subscription auto renew?

Yes, your membership subscription will automatically renew at the beginning of each new cycle, based  on the membership type you choose.


Still not sure if this is for you? Drop me a line.

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