Storytelling is the absolute secret sauce to producing great content.

If you’ve been hanging around with me for a while now, I know you’ve heard it from me before already!

Hands down, no question though, there is no better way of attracting and keeping someone’s attention than storytelling.

Stories give your content meaning, emotion and colour – it’s the window dressing of your message.

Without it, your content is an advertisement or a lecture and more than likely not going to attract the readers and followers you are aiming for.

The easiest way to use storytelling

There are many, many ways to incorporate storytelling into your content but if you’re not a particularly experienced or confident storyteller or writer, then¬†there is one particular method you can use because it’s the easiest.

Give an example.

Whatever point you’re making, whatever topic you’re addressing, if you use an example, you will automatically be able to weave a little storytelling into your content and make it more interesting.

Take my son’s Yr 6 maths homework for example (see what I did there?).

He has a worksheet of sums to do and he tells me “it’s booooooooring”.

At the end of the sheet though, are a couple of questions in which the theory has to be applied to solve a problem.

Like: Jack had 12.36m of licorice, and he divided it into 10 equal pieces to share with his friends. How long was each piece of licorice?

Suddenly, the maths isn’t so boring because my son is imagining lots of pieces of licorice. He has some context on how the theory might apply to his life and it makes the theory a little more interesting and relevant.

This is the power of storytelling, and the ease of using examples to do it.

Everyone knows how to give an example – you just have to choose an experience you’ve had in the past that illustrates the point you’re making, and describe what happened.

If you include a few extras – how you felt, what you saw – then your example becomes a little more story-like and therefore, more interesting or captivating.

Storytelling can be a very difficult thing to master, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do.

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